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  • Pumpkin Beers

    Pumpkin Beers

    I have a love-hate relationship with pumpkin beers. For many brewers, making a pumpkin beer mostly means adding pumpkin pie spices and slapping an orange label on the bottle. I like well spiced beers (e.g. Anchor’s Christmas ale), but when it says ‘pumpkin’ on the label, I want to taste...

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  • Elektrick Cukumbahh – Trinity Brewing

    Elektrick Cukumbahh – Trinity Brewing

    Elektrick Cukumbahh, Saison d’ete Trinity Brewing – Colorado Springs, CO ABV – 6.4% IBUs – ?? (not much) So, some years ago, I went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival and tried garlic ice cream. Not bad per-se, but one sample was plenty for this lifetime. Certainly, I thought, cucmber beer...

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