Geoffrey Gardella Founding Editor

Geoffrey has lived in Germany, Sweden, India and China. In his many travels he has sought out the best drinks to be found. He’s burned his fingers on cups of Madras filter coffee in India, and discovered the effects of Baijiu on body and soul in China. He has tended bar at both a pub and Biergarten in Germany. He is co-author of a forthcoming publication on Udipi Restaurants.

Josef Danielsson Founder, Sommelier

Who am I?

A nerd that is passionate about eating good food in combination with the “right” drink 😉
Always ready to try out a new drink, it may be a new beer or a glass of homemade rice wine, depending on the situation and the location. I have to confess I have a weakness for Asian cuisine, white wines, IPA’s, barley wine, malt whisky and soju. But that doesn’t stop me from being open-minded!

I am a Sommelier with an exam from Gustibus – Sommerlierskolan (Malmö, Sweden), and a WSET Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits.

Geoff Bruce Beer Corresponent

Author of the Colorado Brew Guide, Geoff is a great lover of pubs. Though he hails from across the pond, he considers the USA to be the leading brewing nation in the world. He is on a one-man mission to educate the world on good beer. Geoff’s message to the world: disregard quantity – just taste the quality. U.S. domestic beers that flow throughout the world do not represent the real beers of the USA.
Currently writing the Rocky Mountain Brew and Tour Guide, he runs brew tours in Colorado. He also teaches sailing, and runs sail trips in the Caribbean. Geoff is a legend in his own mind.

Ken Gossett SF Bay Area Correspondent

Ken lives and drinks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sarah Tressel Europe Correspondent

Cartographer, skater and caffein addict, Sarah is also a fanatic about water.

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