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  • Infinite Monkey Theorem – Red Wine

    Infinite Monkey Theorem – Red Wine

    Infinite Monkey Theorem Red Wine: Ridiculously Good Wine in a Can Merlot 13.6% ABV Infinite Monkey Theorem is a Colorado winery which bottles some of the best wines in the state. This one isn’t bottled… it’s canned. Really?!? I was skeptical, but as it’s showing up everywhere now, I thought...

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  • Copenhagen Wine Guide

    Copenhagen Wine Guide

    [We are pleased to publish the first article by a new contributor, Kim Nightingale.  Having traveled the world, she now calls Denmark home.  Hopefully she will help us find Bacchus in the land of Odin – Ed.] Copenhagen, Denmark – Despite the Nordic location, Denmark has been producing wines of...

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  • Conti Sartoli Salis, Tirano

    Conti Sartoli Salis, Tirano

    Tirano, Italy – Situated among the steep slopes of the Italian Alps, Tiremo is a beautiful little town.  The plaza we stop at reminds me a bit of Healdsburg in Sonoma Valley.  Both are in the heart of wine country.  We were here to visit the Conti Sertoli Salis winery. ...

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  • Jean-Louis et Fabienne Mann, Eguisheim

    Jean-Louis et Fabienne Mann, Eguisheim

    Eguisheim, France – Of all the varietals which are grown here in Alsace, I am most taken by the muscat.  I am used to sweet muscats, grown further south.  While I love the flavor, I can only drink small amounts.  The style produced here is dry, which makes for a...

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  • Annie Strub Winery, Obernai

    Annie Strub Winery, Obernai

    Obernai, France – Alsace is not the region that first springs to mind when somebody mentions French wine. The grande crus of Bordeaux or Burgundy get most of the fanfare. While the cooler climate of Alsace doesn’t produce the huge reds of warmer climes, some wonderful wines are to be...

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