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  • Neckarmüller, Tübingen

    Neckarmüller, Tübingen

    Tübingen, Germany – We arrived in Tübingen on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  After dropping things at the hotel, we made a beeline for my favorite brew pub in the world, der Neckarmüller.  In the interests of full disclosure, I should tell you that I once worked there.  That was during...

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  • Café Légère, Freiburg

    Café Légère, Freiburg

    Freiburg, Germany – The winds of fate (a nice way of saying, “car trouble”) gave us a few extra days in Freiburg.  Lying in the South-West corner of Germany, Freiburg is just a stone’s throw from Alsace and Switzerland.  It is a charming little university city, which turns into a...

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  • Brewpubs & Biergärten, Freiburg

    Brewpubs & Biergärten, Freiburg

    Freiburg, Germany – As a service to our readers, we visited three prominent local brewing establishments.  The large brewery in town, Ganter supplies the beer on-tap in may of the local pubs.  It also has a large Biergarten of its own.  Here a broad cross-section of the local community come...

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  • Kolben Kaffee Akademie, Freiburg

    Kolben Kaffee Akademie, Freiburg

    Freiburg, Germany – A professor descends the red stone steps of Albert-Ludwigs University after reading a lecture to a hall-full of students. Where is she heading? To Kolben Kaffee Akademie of course, for a much-needed pick me up. Located just off Martin’s Tor (across from where a McDonald’s has desecrated...

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  • European Road Trip

    European Road Trip

    A trip down to see a couple stages of the Tour de France is providing us with an excuse to visit some wonderful areas for beer and wine. We will be spending two weeks in Alsace and the Black Forest in Germany. We end our trip in northern Italy, on...

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