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  • Hitachino Nest

    Hitachino Nest

    A couple years ago Sarah and I stopped in at Noodle Theory, a little asian bistro in Oakland, CA. There an unknown little beer piqued our interest: Hitachino Nest White. A wit from Japan… could it be good? It was a delightful brew, which we instantly fell in love with....

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  • Trollenkelder – Ghent, Belgium

    Trollenkelder – Ghent, Belgium

    I was given the opportunity to spend a couple days in Ghent, Belgium. Evenings found me wandering from pub to pub. By luck, I ran into a former local Tom. He showed me around the town and introduced me to a couple great watering holes. Pretty much every little drinking...

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  • Pumpkin Beers

    Pumpkin Beers

    I have a love-hate relationship with pumpkin beers. For many brewers, making a pumpkin beer mostly means adding pumpkin pie spices and slapping an orange label on the bottle. I like well spiced beers (e.g. Anchor’s Christmas ale), but when it says ‘pumpkin’ on the label, I want to taste...

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  • Elektrick Cukumbahh – Trinity Brewing

    Elektrick Cukumbahh – Trinity Brewing

    Elektrick Cukumbahh, Saison d’ete Trinity Brewing – Colorado Springs, CO ABV – 6.4% IBUs – ?? (not much) So, some years ago, I went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival and tried garlic ice cream. Not bad per-se, but one sample was plenty for this lifetime. Certainly, I thought, cucmber beer...

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  • Passionfruit Sour Ale – Breakside Brewery

    Passionfruit Sour Ale – Breakside Brewery

    Passionfruit Sour Ale Breakside Brewery – Portland, OR ABV: 4.0% IBUs: ?? I was disappointed this Summer when Kona brewing decided that mainlanders were no longer deserving of their Wailua Wheat. One of my favorite Summer droughts, I missed it’s delicate flavor with just a hint of sour passion fruit....

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  • Brewery Rickoli

    Brewery Rickoli

    Geoff Bruce (who also writes for Drink!) gave me a call yesterday and asked if I wanted to check out a new Brewery that had just opened it’s doors, Brewery Rickoli. What a pleasant surprise. Stuck in the middle of a strip mall on a major boulevard, it wasn’t much...

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  • Full Sail Brewing Co.

    Full Sail Brewing Co.

    This is awful. Here I am at Full Sail and they have done me a bad deed. This is terrible. They are guilty Of destroying my palette for bottled IPA! Now when I next purchase the bottled stuff in Arvada it will remind me of the real thing. This on...

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  • Cascade Brewing Barrel House

    Cascade Brewing Barrel House

    [Cascade Brewing specializes in sour beers, which are created through the use of lactobacillus or Brettanomyces yeast. These little fiends convert sugars into lactic or acetic acid respectively, giving the beer its distinctive sour taste. Sour beers are often aged in oak barrels for several years, adding to their complexity...

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  • Summer Beers 2011

    Summer Beers 2011

    Has a year gone by already?  The heat tells me that it is time to check out some new summer brews.  Never one to shy away from such things, I talked my friend Gavin into bringing a selection by for tasting.  Thanks to him and to Primo Vino for providing...

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  • Summer Brews 2010

    Summer Brews 2010

    One of the best parts of the summer is discovering what my favorite brewers have dreamed up for summer brews.  While I am a devout IPA drinker, the summer heat leads me to crave a lighter beer.  Last year I whiled away my afternoons sipping cold Hefeweizen in Biergärten in...

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