Elektrick Cukumbahh – Trinity Brewing

Elektrick Cukumbahh, Saison d’ete
Trinity Brewing – Colorado Springs, CO
ABV – 6.4%
IBUs – ?? (not much)

So, some years ago, I went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival and tried garlic ice cream. Not bad per-se, but one sample was plenty for this lifetime. Certainly, I thought, cucmber beer must be in the same category. But oh (ahh?), what a sublime brew. It poured remarkably clear to start, but a bit of sediment at the bottom of the bottle brought some cloudiness. The nose promised lots of cucumber. The flavor is light and refreshing. The cucumber comes through, but is such a clean crisp flavor that it doesn’t overwhelm. Clearly a saison, with a bit of the wild-yeasty goodness I love, but again not overpowering there either. If this weren’t so expensive, the Cukumbahh would be my go-to Summer beer. Seriously, this is not a gimmick.

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