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  • Trollenkelder – Ghent, Belgium

    Trollenkelder – Ghent, Belgium

    I was given the opportunity to spend a couple days in Ghent, Belgium. Evenings found me wandering from pub to pub. By luck, I ran into a former local Tom. He showed me around the town and introduced me to a couple great watering holes. Pretty much every little drinking...

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  • Brewery Rickoli

    Brewery Rickoli

    Geoff Bruce (who also writes for Drink!) gave me a call yesterday and asked if I wanted to check out a new Brewery that had just opened it’s doors, Brewery Rickoli. What a pleasant surprise. Stuck in the middle of a strip mall on a major boulevard, it wasn’t much...

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  • Cascade Brewing Barrel House

    Cascade Brewing Barrel House

    [Cascade Brewing specializes in sour beers, which are created through the use of lactobacillus or Brettanomyces yeast. These little fiends convert sugars into lactic or acetic acid respectively, giving the beer its distinctive sour taste. Sour beers are often aged in oak barrels for several years, adding to their complexity...

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  • Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah

    Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah

    Savannah, Georgia – I had such a great time at this place – I lost my notes.  This never happens to me more than once a visit. Staying across the river from Moon River at some luxury hotel that served Helium Light – Lighter than light and ever Upward Fart...

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  • Café Légère, Freiburg

    Café Légère, Freiburg

    Freiburg, Germany – The winds of fate (a nice way of saying, “car trouble”) gave us a few extra days in Freiburg.  Lying in the South-West corner of Germany, Freiburg is just a stone’s throw from Alsace and Switzerland.  It is a charming little university city, which turns into a...

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  • Kolben Kaffee Akademie, Freiburg

    Kolben Kaffee Akademie, Freiburg

    Freiburg, Germany – A professor descends the red stone steps of Albert-Ludwigs University after reading a lecture to a hall-full of students. Where is she heading? To Kolben Kaffee Akademie of course, for a much-needed pick me up. Located just off Martin’s Tor (across from where a McDonald’s has desecrated...

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  • Jean-Louis et Fabienne Mann, Eguisheim

    Jean-Louis et Fabienne Mann, Eguisheim

    Eguisheim, France – Of all the varietals which are grown here in Alsace, I am most taken by the muscat.  I am used to sweet muscats, grown further south.  While I love the flavor, I can only drink small amounts.  The style produced here is dry, which makes for a...

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  • European Road Trip

    European Road Trip

    A trip down to see a couple stages of the Tour de France is providing us with an excuse to visit some wonderful areas for beer and wine. We will be spending two weeks in Alsace and the Black Forest in Germany. We end our trip in northern Italy, on...

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  • Sleeping Dog Tavern, Santa Fe

    Sleeping Dog Tavern, Santa Fe

    Santa Fe, New Mexico — How often do we have to choose between excellent beer or excellent food? Winos expect the two to be combined. Beer (hop) lovers are often still struggling as restaurants are still managed often as not by beer illiterates. Sleeping Dog has five – 5 –...

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  • Steakhouse Bryggeriet, Ystad

    Steakhouse Bryggeriet, Ystad

    Ystad, Sweden — If you happen to be in the Southern parts of Sweden and feel like daytrip where you can combine shopping, sightseeing, sunbathing and beaches with a visit to the local brewery. Then the Steakhouse Brewery in Ystad is the place to visit. The Steakhouse Brewery is located...

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