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  • A Mongoose Pooped In My Coffee!

    A Mongoose Pooped In My Coffee!

    A rich, bold flavor and luckily very little aroma. I bought four packages at the Ubud market in Bali before I was informed that Luwak coffee is made from none other than mongoose droppings. I pull up to the private home that doubles up as a café to find a...

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  • Kolben Kaffee Akademie, Freiburg

    Kolben Kaffee Akademie, Freiburg

    Freiburg, Germany – A professor descends the red stone steps of Albert-Ludwigs University after reading a lecture to a hall-full of students. Where is she heading? To Kolben Kaffee Akademie of course, for a much-needed pick me up. Located just off Martin’s Tor (across from where a McDonald’s has desecrated...

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  • Kaladi Brothers Coffee, Denver

    Kaladi Brothers Coffee, Denver

    Denver, Colorado — I can’t think of a better way to kick off Drink! than with a review of my favorite coffee on the planet.  I’ve sampled some of the best coffee in the best cafes in dozens of cities on three continents, and I have not run across a...

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