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  • Summer Beers 2011

    Summer Beers 2011

    Has a year gone by already?  The heat tells me that it is time to check out some new summer brews.  Never one to shy away from such things, I talked my friend Gavin into bringing a selection by for tasting.  Thanks to him and to Primo Vino for providing...

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  • Summer Brews 2010

    Summer Brews 2010

    One of the best parts of the summer is discovering what my favorite brewers have dreamed up for summer brews.  While I am a devout IPA drinker, the summer heat leads me to crave a lighter beer.  Last year I whiled away my afternoons sipping cold Hefeweizen in Biergärten in...

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  • Copenhagen Wine Guide

    Copenhagen Wine Guide

    [We are pleased to publish the first article by a new contributor, Kim Nightingale.  Having traveled the world, she now calls Denmark home.  Hopefully she will help us find Bacchus in the land of Odin – Ed.] Copenhagen, Denmark – Despite the Nordic location, Denmark has been producing wines of...

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  • Conti Sartoli Salis, Tirano

    Conti Sartoli Salis, Tirano

    Tirano, Italy – Situated among the steep slopes of the Italian Alps, Tiremo is a beautiful little town.  The plaza we stop at reminds me a bit of Healdsburg in Sonoma Valley.  Both are in the heart of wine country.  We were here to visit the Conti Sertoli Salis winery. ...

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  • Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah

    Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah

    Savannah, Georgia – I had such a great time at this place – I lost my notes.  This never happens to me more than once a visit. Staying across the river from Moon River at some luxury hotel that served Helium Light – Lighter than light and ever Upward Fart...

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  • Neckarmüller, Tübingen

    Neckarmüller, Tübingen

    Tübingen, Germany – We arrived in Tübingen on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  After dropping things at the hotel, we made a beeline for my favorite brew pub in the world, der Neckarmüller.  In the interests of full disclosure, I should tell you that I once worked there.  That was during...

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  • Café Légère, Freiburg

    Café Légère, Freiburg

    Freiburg, Germany – The winds of fate (a nice way of saying, “car trouble”) gave us a few extra days in Freiburg.  Lying in the South-West corner of Germany, Freiburg is just a stone’s throw from Alsace and Switzerland.  It is a charming little university city, which turns into a...

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  • Brewpubs & Biergärten, Freiburg

    Brewpubs & Biergärten, Freiburg

    Freiburg, Germany – As a service to our readers, we visited three prominent local brewing establishments.  The large brewery in town, Ganter supplies the beer on-tap in may of the local pubs.  It also has a large Biergarten of its own.  Here a broad cross-section of the local community come...

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  • Kolben Kaffee Akademie, Freiburg

    Kolben Kaffee Akademie, Freiburg

    Freiburg, Germany – A professor descends the red stone steps of Albert-Ludwigs University after reading a lecture to a hall-full of students. Where is she heading? To Kolben Kaffee Akademie of course, for a much-needed pick me up. Located just off Martin’s Tor (across from where a McDonald’s has desecrated...

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  • Jean-Louis et Fabienne Mann, Eguisheim

    Jean-Louis et Fabienne Mann, Eguisheim

    Eguisheim, France – Of all the varietals which are grown here in Alsace, I am most taken by the muscat.  I am used to sweet muscats, grown further south.  While I love the flavor, I can only drink small amounts.  The style produced here is dry, which makes for a...

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